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June, 2019

My daughter and I visited the new Elpida location to grab a quick drink before going out on the lake. Coffee was unbelievably good and I am now a daily visitor there and my daughter had a vanilla frappuccino and it was delicious just the right amount of sweetness it totally put Starbucks to shame . We highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone

June, 2019

I first visited the elpida cafe and roastery in Nov of 2017.I was greeted in the most friendly way by Justin Zielonko who is the owner of elpida. I was immediately drawn to elpidas comfortable atmosphere. The coffee is amazingly addicting where I no longer enjoy any other type of coffee. I think its so unique because Justin roasts his own coffee with a dark and medium roast. Elpida has a large selection of hot and cold drinks which are original to elpida. Elpida also has a great selection of food thats in good portion sizes. I recommend Elpida to anyone who hasn't been there yet.

January, 2019

Amazing unique space with fantastic coffee! Not another cookie cutter coffee shop!

Best iced coffee · Best coffee · Expert baristas · Cosy atmosphere · Loyalty card · Convenient location 

December, 2018

 The absolute best decaf latte I have ever had. Great products and great ethics. Can't ask for more.

Best coffee · Cosy atmosphere · Expert baristas 

November, 2018

 Elpida Café & Roastery is a wonderful little corner coffee house! Their coffee is deeeelicious; you just have to try one of their lattes. If you like tea, their matcha latte is to die for! They have something for everyone, and lots of different eats to choose from. You can also order your drinks with decaf, almond milk, etc.

If you are looking for an authentic experience, and rich, flavourful coffee/tea, Elpida is a must!

Thanks Justin 

March, 2019

 Best and only place to get a caramel macchiato in town! The owner Justin is lovely! 


Committed to Fairness

We pride ourselves on providing coffee from Organic Fair Trade farms across the globe. Here at Elpida Café & Roastery we believe that everyone deserves fair treatment and pay and we do our best to encourage that! So many coffee farmers are stuck in a cycle of poverty, but we do what we can to help break the cycle. 


Dedicated to Quality

Our coffee is roasted fresh on a regular basis, we are a roastery after all, and won't be sitting on shelves for months at a time, like what is sadly the case for so many coffee brands found in your local grocery store. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best quality coffee possible, and that includes coffee roasted fresh per order. You will taste the difference!


About the Owners

Elpida Café & Roastery was formed because of Justin Zielonko, a coffee enthusitast's genuine passion for great tasting coffee and helping others in need. Now joined by his wife Amanda, what started as a simple hobby transformed into the cafe and freshly roasted coffee business it is today, with one key goal: to provide premium coffee (and tea) to anyone who isn't willing to settle when it comes to quality. 



In addition to only using coffee obtained from fair trade coffee farms, we do our part to help the local community, because community matters to us.

A significant portion of the tip money goes towards a different local charity or organization each month, spreading seeds of hope around Georgina, Ontario. Other donations are accepted at various times for different global organizations and humanitarian aid. 

Our Coffee

Sourced from Organic Fair Trade farms

All of our coffee at our Café & Roastery in Keswick, comes from Organic Fair Trade farms, because not only do we strive to serve the best quality coffee possible, grown without the use chemicals, but we also believe that everyone should be treated and paid fairly for their labor, and that includes the hardworking coffee farmers around the globe! 


Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Its coffee is known for its complexity, with bright acidity and floral and fruity/ winey notes, that never disappoints!  


 Guatemalan coffee is grown at a higher elevation resulting in it highers, fruity acidity. The coffee is smooth and creamy, bursting with decadent fruity and chocolately flavours. 


 Nicaraguan coffee has clean, smooth well balanced flavour, with mild acidity. It has a sweet almost citrus-y and chocolate-y flavour, growing at higher elevations like in Guatemala.  


Sumatran coffee is highly sought after for its unique and complex flavour profiles. It has medium brightness and acidity, with spicy, earthy and chocolately flavours. Darker roasts enhance, the rich complex flavours this coffee holds!  

Peru (Decaf)

Decaf coffee from Peru is less acidic, with a smooth yet bold flavour. The coffee has been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, which is 100% chemical free. Perfect for coffee lovers who want to enjoy the great taste of organic Peruvian coffee, without any of the caffeine!  

Bold Beginnings Espresso Blend

Our Bold Beginnings Espresso Blend has a rich, creamy texture, with a bold beginning, and nutty-earthy notes that linger on your taste buds. 

Made from a delicious combination of select coffee, from around the world, this espresso blend is sure to please strong espresso lovers everywhere!  

Environmental Initiatives


Biodegradeable Paper Coffee Cups

Lined with plant-based plastic to be 100% compostable 

(opposed to regular coffee cups which are lined with plastic or wax)

Paper Straws or Biodegradable Straws

Less plastic waste!

Stainless Steel Straws

For sale for customers' everyday use

Compostable Plastic Spoons, Knives, Forks

Made from plant based plastic!

Bamboo & Sugarcane Take-out Containers

Sturdy and completely compostable!

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