Local Artists

Here at Elpida Cafe we want to support our local artists, and provide wall space for them to showcase and sell their artwork. Each month we feature a different talented artist, so stop by often to see the constantly changing decor. 

* We are currently booked for the 2019 year, but we have openings for 2020! If you are an artist in the Georgina area who would be interested, feel free to contact us! 

About the Artist

Krista Wheeler

The sister of Amanda Zielonko (co-owner and wife of Justin Zielonko) who was a natural creative ability and works with a variety of mediums: photographs, painting, wood art, wreaths

Previous Artists

April, 2019

 Niki Westlake 

March, 2019

February, 2019

Carleen Monsegue

January, 2019

Amanda Dollin

December, 2018